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SANDY CHIN, Real Estate Agent


When Sandy Chin looks back on his life, he can’t help but bask in the memories. Hunting and fishing in Eastern Washington.

Moving away from his small town in south east part of the state to attend the University of Washington. Forming lasting friendships with people wherever he’s lived. The birth of his two children, Emily and David. Sandy loves any chance to reminisce, but what really gets him fired up is the prospect of the adventures ahead—the chance to share new experiences with his family and friends.

“A lifetime of memories.” That’s what Sandy is looking for, and more importantly, it’s what he wants to provide for his children. Whether it’s yearly trips to Disneyland or simple days at the park, he wants them to be able to look back someday and realize how great life has been.

After all, Sandy himself approaches every day with genuine passion and enthusiasm. From outdoor activities like hunting, fishing, golf, snowboarding, dirtbike riding, off-roading to practicing martial arts, getting involved in the community through church and training his black lab, Bailey, he is driven to make the most of every moment.

For Sandy, life is all about experiencing new things and creating new memories. In fact, one of latest hobbies—photography—is inspired by these pursuits. “A few years ago, I came across some old pictures from my childhood,” he recalls. “I couldn’t believe how a simple photograph could transport me straight back to a particular time and place. The memories were so vivid, and ever since then, I’ve been taking pictures every chance I have to capture the special moments we share.”

Sandy firmly believes the real estate process is something worth celebrating. Whether he’s helping a family buy the home of their dreams or helping them sell a property for the best return on investment, he knows that a house is more than just a structure. It’s a place where memories are created every day. And because of this, Sandy applies incredible levels of personal care and dedication to reach his clients’ real estate goals.Since 1990, Sandy has been applying his unbridled enthusiasm for life and passion for creating new memories to his career as a real estate professional. His high-energy approach to business and personalized style of service have made him a trusted resource for home buyers and sellers throughout the greater Seattle area.

“People are counting on me to help make sound decisions for their future,” he says. “It’s a responsibility I don’t take lightly, which is why I tailor my service and provide each client with education, resources and guidance to make the most of their opportunities.”

Sandy Chin is Creating Tomorrow’s Memories Today by building lasting friendships with each and every person he works with. Call him today for a real estate experience that you’ll never forget!

Nothing is more important to Sandy than his family—wife Ronda, daughter Emily and son David.
Nothing is more important to Sandy than his family—wife Ronda, daughter Emily and son David.
An avid outdoorsman and golfer, Sandy loves any chance to enjoy the region’s natural splendor.
An avid outdoorsman and golfer, Sandy loves any chance to enjoy the region’s natural splendor.

HEIDI KLANSNIC, Real Estate Agent

Heidi Klansnic

Your real estate buying and selling decisions should be fun and rewarding! I am dedicated to following your vision and guiding you to make informed decisions so you can achieve your goals and desired lifestyle.

My process begins by listening carefully, asking questions and developing a strategy with timely communication, market expertise and skillful coordination all along the way. Whether you are selling your home, searching for a new one, or perhaps looking for an investment property, I am committed to advocate for your best interests and ensure a smooth, successful real estate transaction.

I have lived in the beautiful Puget Sound area since 1987 and I've worked as a commercial appraiser and a residential real estate broker for a combined 27 years. It would truly be my privilege to work on your behalf.

Heidi Klansnic

CRAIG PAULSON, Managing Broker

Craig Paulson

Craig Paulson is a seasoned realtor with an impressive track record spanning over three decades. With a career that began in 1992, John's passion for real estate led him to join Coldwell Banker Bain in 1996, where he currently serves as a Managing Broker.

Craig’s journey in the industry began with the nation's largest homebuilder, where he quickly established himself as a rising star. His dedication and expertise were recognized early on when he was awarded the prestigious title of Best Rookie New Home Salesperson by the Seattle Master Builders Association. This accomplishment served as a solid foundation for his future success.

Throughout his career, John has had the privilege of representing a wide range of clients, including both large and small developers and builders. His experience in working with these diverse clientele has equipped him with a unique understanding of the intricacies of the real estate market.

In addition to his work with developers and builders, Craig has also excelled in project management. He successfully oversaw the development of a small 4-home project and spearheaded the construction of several large luxury homes. This hands-on experience has given him invaluable insights into the construction process and an exceptional ability to navigate complex projects.

Driven by a desire to make a positive impact on his clients' lives, Craig made a deliberate shift in his focus 15 years ago. Since then, he has dedicated himself to representing home sellers and home buyers, finding great satisfaction in assisting them with their personal homes and investment properties. His commitment to providing exceptional service and tailored solutions has earned him a reputation as a trusted advisor in the real estate industry.

With an extensive network and an unwavering commitment to his clients' success, Craig Paulson is a real estate professional who consistently goes above and beyond to deliver exceptional results. Whether guiding clients through the intricacies of buying or selling a home, or offering valuable insights on market trends, Craig’s expertise and unwavering dedication make him a trusted partner for all real estate needs.

Craig Paulson

SARAH BOSER, Marketing & Graphic Designer


Sarah Boser moved to Washington state from Arizona, where she studied business at Grand Canyon University and worked in cutting-edge, fast-paced environments, where her attention to detail, business acumen, and commitment to client satisfaction were essential to the success of both customers and businesses. She left her position as a Director of Marketing in eastern Washington to pursue other creative branding and marketing endeavors. She now lives in central Washington, working among some of the nation's preeminent Real Estate professionals, where she strives to capture the spirit of each one-of-a-kind residence while also guiding the viewer through the process of using the services offered by her clients, engaging them by telling their story through words and visuals that emotionally resonate.


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