City of Sammamish
Population: 41,070
Typical Tax Rate: $11.86/$1000 assessed valuation
Median Household Income: $133,341

Nestled inbetween Issaquah and Redmond is the city of Sammamish. Since incorporating in 1999, Sammamish has been shaped by the vision of a community of families living where small town atmosphere blends with suburban character. The City is obviously doing it right. In 2009 it ranked 12th on Money’s top 100 Best Places to Live among small U.S. towns. For more information go to City of Sammamish

City of Bellevue
Population: 122,900
Typical Tax Rate: $7.89/$1000 assessed valuation
Median Household Income: $81,819
Ave Rent: $1165
Median Prices: Homes $557,550; condos $267,475

The largest city on the Eastside and the 5th largest in the state, Bellevue offers a high quality of life, strong sense of community, robust neighborhoods, and a commitment to building a healthy, vibrant future economy.

Downtown Bellevue is a vibrant collage of high-rises, parks, museums and excellent shopping, including the Pacific Northwest’s first Neiman Marcus store. Nearby, the Bellevue Collection is arguably the destination shopping capital of the Northwest.

Possessing a strong public art program has helped to shape a distinctive, people-friendly downtown that is the focal point of a thriving arts community.

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City of Kirkland
Population: 49,620
School District: Lake Washington Dist #414
Typical Tax Rate: $9.15/$1000 assessed valuation
Median Household Income: $79,186
Avg Rent: $1235
Median Prices of Homes: $481,500
Median Prices of Condos: $244,500

Kirkland’s tree-lined boulevards, hidden lanes of one of a kind boutiques, plentiful restaurants, and prominent outdoor sculptures invite exploration. The city has preserved 25% of its waterfront with numerous locations to enjoy panoramic views of Lake Washington, Seattle’s skyline and the Olympics.

It has been compared to Carmel, CA with it’s zest for being pedestrian friendly and its special relationship for art and non chain establishment restaurants.