Free IPhone Apps at Starbucks!!

August 23, 2011

Free iPhone Apps to be Given Away at Starbucks – Starting Tuesday, Aug. 23
Shazam Encore will be the first iPhone app which will be given away, a company spokesperson said. Starbucks has three locations in Sammamish. Starbucks is a partner with

Coffee drinkers who enjoy visiting Starbucks in Sammamish and the Seattle area can get a free iPhone app – beginning Tuesday at U.S.-operated and certain licensed stores, the company announced Monday.

The free iPhone app is part of Starbucks and iTunes expanded “Pick of the Week” program. Shazam Encore will be the first app available for free to people who visit Starbucks and get a “Pick of the Week” card, a company spokesperson said in an email.

The Shazam Encore app helps people identify songs they hear as well as provide tour information and recommendations. A lifetime subscription to Shazam Encore costs $5.99.

The app includes an option to share the music through Facebook and Twitter, the spokesperson said. It also has a feature called LyricPlay, which gives the words to the song. The app can be used on the iPad and iPod Touch.

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